The terms of this accord (the accord) discipline the rapport between Otiscam and you as it regards the use of the services on the site Otiscam.com. ,in this accord 'Otiscam' Otisweb sagl means, with legal center to Via Arbigo 82A, 6616 Losone, Svizzera.


Consumer / Client / Subscribed - The visitor that enrolls him in the services of the site.

SERVICE PROVIDER Adult - (ASP) - Interpreter- adult of superior age to 18 or 21 in some regions, that it foresees shows, chat, or it interacts with the visitors of the site.

Free CHAT-One uninhibited option to interact with the Adult Service Provider in form of writing of messages of text on the screen. It foresees shows, chat, or it interacts with the visitors of the site.

PRIVATE CHAT- In private chat, the members are authorized to write or also to talk (vocal communication) to ASP confrontation, with the exclusion from all the other visitors.
1.1. Otiscam and an interactive site online for adults (inclusive contained erotic and sexual, naked and not).The access to Otiscam is not recommended to people that could be sensitive to the contents of diversion for adults, the possible access to Otiscam from such people it will be of them exclusive responsibility.

1.2. The entertainment for adults furnished on the site web is made by masculine and female individuals of superior age a 18 years, that Adult Service Provider (ASP) is designated.

1.3.I Service Provider (ASP) of age for chat, develop shows live webcam, in front of their photographic webcam, for the subscribers of the whole world, that have selected them live in base to the flows, images, offline and video paying.
1.4. Otiscam is separated in specific areas that furnish free and due services of diversion for adults.Otiscam constantly adds new services with the purpose to satisfy the demands of his/her subscribers.

1.5. Before selecting the anticipated services, it is important to consult the content, price list and a halves of anticipated payment (credit cards, of debt, checks online, etc) for such service for your country.These information are available on the website

1.6. The publication of different contents on the website doesn't mean that Otiscam sustains the author or it assumes the responsibility for such contents.

1.7. Otiscam doesn't do, in the measure allowed by the law, some guarantee as it regards the information, services or produced furnished through or in connection with the service.The use of the service from the subscribers is to them risk.
1.8. Otiscam looks for, in every moment, to furnish every subscriber with the best contents and available services.Nevertheless, you/he/she cannot give guarantee of commerciabilità, fitness for any purpose, or not-resulted of the use of the contents in terms of correctness, accuracy, timeliness and reliability or other.

1.9. Of it' Otiscam, of it' some part involved in the creation, production or supply of the service or contained it is responsible for any damage direct, accidental, consequenziali, indirect or punitive consequential from the access, use or interpretation, the services, produced or information furnished from or through Otiscam, done hi the conditions here following established in the present accord

1.10. Otiscam doesn't have any intention to support immorali affairs, so the rules have been established rigouros

1.11. The services of Otiscam are available only for the people over 18 years (21 in some regions) Therefore any material sexually explicit is easily attainable from smaller.

1.12. The people under the 18 years (21 in some regions) don't have the permission to be accordingly suppliers of services for adults (ASP), all the Adult Service Provider (ASP) they were 18 years old or more to the time of the photo, as test of age held by the custodian of the records.In any case Otiscam introduces smaller Adult Service Provider of years 18.

1.13. All the Adult Service Provider (ASP) must satisfy three principal requisite:
1.13.1 signature of an accord that declares, that is, the genuineness of the personal data and the age furnished.
1.13.2 supply of a scaned copy of his / his/her document of identity.
1.14. The accounts of the suppliers of services for adults (ASP) are immediately and definitely I suspended if they violate the principles Otiscam.
1.15. To Otiscam there is a politics of tolerance zero tied up to the childish (writing or visual) pornography. In case of suspicious minimum, the account in matter is immediately and definitely closed and the competent authorities can be contacted.
1.16. Otiscam the right reserves him to apply the immediate and permanent suspension in the case in which a name of screen is offensive, it refers to minor or to the least suspect of falsification.
2.1. To enroll in (to record an account) Otiscam is obligatory to have at least 18 years or 21 in some regions, in the respect of the normative local in vigor for the subscriber.
2.2. Recording himself/herself/itself on Otiscam and accepting this accord, the subscribers hock him to indemnify, to pay the expenses of defense and to hold uninjured Otiscam, his/her officials, executives, members, agents and employees from any claim, the losses, passivity or spent (included the reasonable legal expenses) introduced by third consequential from or correlated to them behavior, declarations or actions, as well as the violation of any term, condition or promised here and illegitimate behaviors contained in the picture of this accord.
2.3. In case of illegitimate behavior of the underwriter or violation of the present accord, Otiscam can withdraw, without warning, the underwriter's account e/o anything to it associate.Otiscam cannot be held responsible of any losses in consequence of such resolution, of it' for some reimbursement token or reimbursement.
2.4. With the purpose to avoid fraudulent transactions, we reserve us the right to verify your identity in any moment, asking for some documents.Such documents must include a photocopy of a document of identity and the method of used payment.The documents must be envoys through your account or email.
2.5. The present accord will have effectiveness beginning from the date in which the underwriter is recorded on Otiscam and as the present accord and will stay in thin vigor expressly resolved duly by one of the parts under the full respect of the terms and anticipated conditions from the present accord.

3.1. The subscribers can purchase packets of tokens to spend in available areas to Adult Entertainment, therefore the choice of services must be precedes from the consultation from the underwriter of the corresponding content, price list and formality of payment made on the site web available.
3.2. When the service Adult Provider (ASP) accepts an I invite from an underwriter, from that moment in then the stays of adhesion in the room video chat with the provider (ASP) enters private formality where the purchased tokens are used on a base for minute.
3.3. The invoice of a datum account (the payable actual price for the packets of tokens) depends on the physical position in which the account has been created.You begs to consider that Otiscam the right reserves him to round off the prices and, therefore, it has the right to apply the rounding.
3.4. In case of any doubt Otisweb sagl will be able to help you as it regards the transactions effected through different suppliers of payment contacting the supplier in matter.Insofar, for the information of billing and support you/they must be uses the following contatti:Otisweb sagl, Via Arbigo 82A, 6616 Losone, Svizzera, or to send an email to info@otiscam.com. Otiscam doesn't preserve of it' it has access to the details of the transaction.
3.5. for information it spent banking, every subscriber should directly consult his/her bank.
3.6. Otiscam the responsibilities won't be assumed for every difficulty recovered out Otiscam.
3.7. Every claim must be communicated within 24 counted hours from verified to Otiscam-customer service.Gives the complexity and the particularity of the procedure to determine the justice of the claims effected after the period of 24 hours of which, these must be recognize only in cases of great strength.
3.8. Otiscam-service clients, whenever every holds him/it necessary, you/he/she can attentively investigate to relationships and others given to his/her disposition resorting to all the existing means for such effect.
3.9. Otiscam will compensate the tokens proportionally determined in base to the paid price qual'ora the tokens is lost because of dysfunctions of Otiscam or a (ASP) in the deprived part it refuses to furnish contained erotic.In this last case Otiscam will appraise the situation and it will decide if the application of the client is motivated or any reimbursement of the token is due.
3.10. Thanks to the system of payment and the processors of payment of third parts, only the same amount can originally be refunded paid for the purchase (that is any partial reimbursement of the packets of purchased tokens is possible).Reimbursements, when possible, they will be issued using him/it same method of payment for the purchase that has been done.Some methods of payment don't allow the reimbursement because of technical motives.
3.11. Fermo staying how much above, Otiscam won't be responsible for any defamatory, offensive or illegal behavior of any underwriter, or for missed execution, error, omission, interruption, elimination, defect, delay in the operation or in the transmission, breakdowns or destruction or non authorized access, alteration or use of documents, is under contracted or theory illegitimate, or under any other cause of action, for any amount over the amount poured by the underwriter to Otiscam.
3.12. In any case, among which, but not limitedly to, the negligence, Otiscam or of his connect, connected can be held responsible for any damage direct, indirect, accidental, consequential or punitive consequential from the use of, or incapability of use of the service.
3.13. Cases of deceitful behaviors related to the transactions online is managed with estate of tall priority in consideration of the privacy of the underwriter.Such cases can be furnished to specialized companies in this field.
3.14. The consumer accepts that in case of any fraudulent transaction Otiscam has the right to use all the available information to his/her disposition during every type of legal procedure.Inclusive, without the pretension of completeness, chronology of the browser, addresses IP and e-mail and every other traceable activity.During such legal procedures Otiscam could involve other investigators professionals and to share certain information, with the purpose to satisfy the requisite of law, to vindicate his/her own rights and to represent the best affairs of his/her clients.The subscriber will be responsible for the costs of investigation or collection related to any fraudulent transaction.
3.15. Otiscan guarantees full cooperation to the legal authorities that investigate on the transactions fraudulent and other elements that revert under the legal jurisdiction and he/she answer to the quotations and orders.
3.16. You begs prender in consideration that Otiscam the right reserves him to round off the payments to pour to title of reimbursement / reimbursement, and therefore, Otiscam has the right to apply the rounding.
4.1. I am fully aware that Otiscam transmits contained of diversion for adults to his/her subscribers.
4.2. I am fully aware that the vision of contents for adults is allowed only for consumers than at least 18 years or 21 in some regions.
4.3. I declare that, to the today's date, I have reached the necessary age to visualize contained for adults in base to mine normative.
4.4. Currently I reside in the country that I have pointed out in the anticipated form for the recording in Otiscam in truth and I undertake me to immediately inform, within 24 hours, of every change of residence sending an email to info@otiscam.com.
4.5. I am fully and exclusively responsible of any false declarations concerning my residence and not to have informed Otiscam of his/her change of the terms of which above.
4.6. I declare besides that I am aware of my penal responsibility and, therefore, I will act, in all the circumstances, in accord with the standard of the local community and the laws of morality and applications.
4.7. I believe that, as an adult, I have the doubtless right of read / see each contained that hold proper.
4.8. The reading e/o the visualization of contents on the site web doesn't mean in some way to violate the norms or the laws of my district, village, city, county, is or country.
4.9. I am fully aware that all the contents and the materials furnished on Otiscam, included but not limited to flows video, images, graphics, applications and texts are duly protected by the normative in force being all the reserved rights.Therefore they must be for my exclusive personal use.
4.10. I am fully aware and of accord that Otiscam can grant full cooperation to the legal authorities that investigate on the transactions fraudulent and other elements that revert under the legal jurisdiction besides answering to quotations and orders of the court.
4.11. I take action that Otiscam and his/her parteners you/they cannot be held responsible for every legal ramification that could rise as result of fraudulent access in the use of this site web e/o the material in it contained.
4.12. I recognize that Otiscam or one of his connect, cannot be held guilty of any damages or consequential losses from any contact with Adult Service Provider (ASP).
4.13. I understand and I accept that in any case Otiscam or his connect owe, can be held responsible for possible direct damages, indirect, accidental, special consequential or punitive that derive from every false revelation that you/they can rise, violation of the rights of the subscribers, the prostitution, the pedofilia, the childish pornography, the illegal abuse, the exploitation or the traffic of women and / or children.
4.14. I recognize and I authorize the team of Otiscam to see again any content for the violation of his/her politics. Any forbidden content will be suffered removed by Otiscam. Despite this, It becomes my account that is not a duty to proceed with such revision and it won't be considered person responsible, jointly or apart, in case of my illegitimate behavior.
4.15. They are of accord that the rights of intellectual (I included but not limited to right to use, to adapt, to translate, etc) ownership for any type of content (es. messages of chat, etc) you/he/she has created, published or otherwise made public by me on Otiscam they will belong to Otiscam.
4.16. I expressly authorize Otiscam to monitorate and to record all of my activities online on the site (among which chat, video, e-mail).
4.17. I take action and I accept that every recorded material or any original work within the present accord and / or when services Otiscams (and the right whole inclusive ivis, without limitation, author's rights) are used they belong and you/they must be the only and exclusive ownership of Otiscam.
4.18. Expressly check the transfer, without further remuneration, to Otiscam the results, the contents, ei proceeds of my aspect (I understood all these apparitions done thin to today) video, audio, chat, dialogue, texts, actions and didactic video and suggestions, that are all it departs some furnished services - I understood all the rights of author to the materials of which above, renovations and extensions of such rights all over the world and for the whole period of validity of such rights.
4.19. Otiscams the authors of the same one are considered for all the purposes and owner of all the rights, titles and affairs, of every type and character for the period of validity of such rights, inclusive possible extensions and renovations, in all the jurisdictions.
4.20. Otiscam can use and , reuse to publish, to distribute, to modify, to extract, shows and otherwise to exploit my name (real or imaginary), similarity, person, performances, voice, images, chat, video, audio, biological information and of identification and the declarations, for everybody and of all the uses, in everything or partly, in any and the whole media and the ways now known or I learned, for the use in the whole universe, without limitation, also in connection with the publicity, exploitation and publicizing.
4.21. With the present one expressly I abdicate to any right and I declare to withdraw any pretension that any use aside Otiscam violates none of my rights, inclusive but not limited to the moral rights, rights of privacy, rights of publicity, of ownership or of other rights, and / or rights of credit for material or ideas fixed for it.
4.22. Otiscam can modify better my aspect as he/she believes (and they abdicate all the moral rights that I can have), and I understand that don't have the obligation to use my aspect.
4.23. Otiscam can modify better my aspect as he / she believes (and abdicated they all the moral rights that i can have), and i understand that don't have the obligation to use my aspect.
4.24. I also grant the right to use to Otiscam, his/her successors, licensees and assignees any photos gone off by me (by webcam or with other means), and you send for the publication on the site, without further payment to me in printed publications, digitally on internet or through CD, or any other support, without restrictions.
4.25. I expressly abdicate every further financial compensation for one of the assigned rights, transferred or granted to Otiscam to the senses of the contracted present.
4.26. I declare and I recognize that I don't act on behalf of a juridical person, but as a single consumer and in any case the purchase of services to the senses of the present accord could be considered part of my professional activity.
5.1. They agree not to copy, to reproduce, to republish, to unload, to transmit and / or to make available to the public any content / material of Otiscam, without the estimate consent written of Otiscam.
5.2. I am fully responsible of every false revelation and person responsible for every legal ramification that could rise from the vision, the reading or scaricamento of material and contained images inside this site web.
5.3. I will never expose smaller to the contents of the site and I will take all the precautions to avoid any type of exposure or the access of the smaller ones to the site web, or rather, for example, not including the site web in their list of sites preferred by to visit. I will be the only person responsible in case of possible smaller that enters to Otiscam through my account or using the data of the credit card.
5.4. I assume me the full responsibility to maintain the safety of my account and password.
5.5. I don't want to give personal information, to furnish or to support services of escort and / or of the prostitution.
5.6. I don't want to organize personal appointments with any providers of services for adults (ASP), in how much forbidden is, and I don't want to exchange my telephone number with a service of age Provider / Subscriber or in any other way to try to have some physical contact with a provider of services for adults (ASP) / subscribed. In every case, I recognize that Otiscam would not be such, I would owe from the violation of these Terms and Conditions and I should not try to have a physical contact with an Adult Services Provider / Subscriber.
5.7. I don't want to use obscene words, to threaten or to quarrel, or to violate the visitors' rights, Adult Service Provider (ASP), people of support of Otiscam or the management of the site web, in how much forbidden is.
5.8. The content textual envoy or late and the name select consumer won't be offensive, you/he/she won't make to think about pedofilia, adolescence, bestiality or zoofilia, or to refer to the elimination or consummation of every bodily residue.
5.9. I won't use comments and names consumer that I/you/they are unacceptable for the standards of the good taste, thinking about the violation of the law or inducing us other..
5.10. I will immediately inform, Otiscam of an illegal behavior of the Adult Service Provider (ASP), as well as of any illegitimate use of marks, marks and / or recorded music.
6.1. Otiscam the right reserves him to suspend or to cancel any accounts consumer in case of violation of any term of the Contracted present or any illegitimate behavior of the Underwriter in the picture of the present accord and to contact remarkable authoritites, included but not limited to start any report penalty and contacting the District Attorney.
7.1. I authorize Otiscam to try the technical data related to my visit to the site Otiscam and of my personal data, I understood the sensitive data (es. related to my sexual life), from me furnished or picked during the process of recording in conformity with the present Privacy Policy, during the period of my subscription with Otiscam and after the cancellation of my subscription during the necessary period for Otiscam to conform to the requisite of law.
7.2. I don't have and I don't want to furnish the information and / or you document false to Otiscam. Insofar I recognize, that Otiscam has the right of, immediately and unilaterally, to finish the present accord to the least suspect of falsification.
7.3. I consent that all of my data can be checked by Otiscam, in casual way, resorting to all the existing means for such effect. Despite this, I become me account that is not their duty to proceed with such inspection and these entities they won't be considered persons responsible, jointly or disgiuntamente, in case of my illegitimate behavior
7.4. They agree and I authorize Otiscam to get and to automatically memorize the information from the computer used for visiting Otiscam to the site web (with the use of cookie and similar technologies). Otiscam can follow the visit of the underwriter to the site giving a choice to accept the cookies when he enters. The cookieses help to pick up anonymous data, monitorando the habits of the consumers.
7.5. They agree and I allow to Otiscam to pick up, to elaborate and to communicate to his/her processors, included the situated transformers in countries suitable of that a level don't guarantee protection according to the European Committee, types of data and information related to the underwriter:
7.5.1. Information that the underwriters voluntarily furnish and / or they authorize to see, as the names, address email, address, dates of birth and other information of the account introduced through Otiscam Moduli of dispatch.
7.5.2. number of visits and areas of pages Otiscam visited by the underwriters. The attributes of the Softwares and Hardware could be introduced, together to other data that can be gotten by the general environment of internet, as for instance the type of browser, the address IP, etc
7.5.3. private communications as the telephone conversations, log of the chats, fax and letters to the Otiscams Staff together with e-mail messages to the suppliers of services for adults (ASP) or to our Staff. Otiscam Adult Service Provider (ASP) also maintains log of the chats client for a limited period of time.
7.6. Otiscam will use the data picked up by the underwriters for the more general uses as the improvement of the services, to contact the affiliate, personalization of the content of the site web and for purposes of promotional marketing, in the measure allowed by the law.
7.7. Accepting this Accord, the consumer accepts besides that Otiscam can also seek models of behavior and the tendencies to improve the experience of use of the subscribers.
7.8. Otiscam undertakes series safety measures to guarantee the maximum protection of the information against non authorized accesses, changes, revelation or cancellation of data. The details of the subscribers are always protected by the sophisticated safety system.
7.9. L' access to Otiscam of the employees, of all the personal information of the subscribers, Otiscam is extremely limited and they is bound by obligations of reservation. Insofar you/they could be measures disciplinary subjects, included the termination of their contracts and in serious cases also actions penalties In case of missed respect of such severe obligation
7.10. Otiscam doesn't rent, he/she sells, it exchanges, it shares or it transfers information to third parts, except the communication to Otiscam society of the group and suppliers of services, with the purpose to guarantee the good operation of the services Otiscam.
7.11. Otiscam doesn't allow his/her performers to record or to capture personal camera of the partners feed during the private shows... Such action is forbidden on the site web.
8.1. email info@otiscam.com
8.2. the dispatch of a letter to: Otisweb sagl,Via Arbigo 82A, 6616 Losone, Svizzera.
9.1. The Contracted present defines the understanding full and complete between subscribers and Otiscam in comparison to its object and replaces all the precedents understanding or accords, is written that records.
9.2. Contrary excepted to the law or otherwise specified, every disposition of the present accord after the cessation.
9.3. If one any part of the present accord is held inapplicable from a court of the competent jurisdiction, it doesn't jeopardize the applicability of the other parts of this accord.
9.4. The prevailing part in any seed to make to respect the terms of the present document will have the right to the reasonable reimbursement of the expenses of his legal.
9.5. If a change is unacceptable for you, it stops using the site Otiscam and its services to be able to interrupt the subscription (if it foresees). If not you stop using the site Otiscam and his/her services, you/he/she will definitely be held to have accepted the change.
9.6. The version in English language will prevail on all the legal declarations, the statutory declarations served as Otiscam, included the present accord. Otiscam doesn't accept some type of claim juridical or other complaints for the misunderstandings because of an error of translation
9.7. The present Conditions of Use are disciplined and interpret in conformity with the laws of the Switzerland, to exclusion of the conflicts of norms by law. You expressly accepts that the exclusive jurisdiction for every claim or consequential action or related to the present Conditions of use or to the use of the present site is up to only to the judges of Switzerland, the consumer accepts besides to send to the exercise of the personal jurisdiction of such courts to the purpose to resolve every claim or action.
9.8. Possible insurgent controversies between Otiscam and the subscribers will in a friendly way be regulated and only when this solution is not efficient, the competent jurisdiction for the consequential controversies from the present accord they will be the courts of the Switzerland.